Saturday, 11 December 2010

the play: the Bird, by: Aristophnes (414 BC)


(1) the photo was taken in the design process, I like the suggestion
of A God in the shadow.

(2) the performance dancers, dance in to the crossing of
the lights

Black bird costume drawing

the play: the Bird, by: Aristophnes (414 BC)

These three drawings are of: The Black bird costume, The God's messenger

I like, these drawings, because of the colors.

(1) costume drawing: one feathers wing
on the dancers body, dark blue leg and beak.

(2) costume drawing: big green
feathers and big eye
looking at the night sky.

(3) costume drawing: purple feathers,
green T-shirt, dark blue short and bird mask.

towns spokesmen & goddess costume drawing


(1) costume drawing of A towns spokesmen costume idea.

(2) Costume & Movement drawing:
Red & green fabric, on the shoulder of the dancer’s, black t-shirt, short.
And Blue hair.

(3) costume drawing: of the dancer’s as a
goddess of the Heavens.And a Black box in the background.

Bird, costume drawing

the play: the Bird, by: Aristophnes (414 BC)
These drawings as represents
performer have left the drawing background in,
As part of the process

(1) costume & movement drawing:
Blue Feathered Eyebrows, bird mask and big Feather on the

(2) costume & movement drawing:
of the performer. She has Bright Blue hair and red fabric on
the shoulders

(3) costume & movement drawing:
Showing the back of the dancer. The back is cover in black oil, and is
going down white fabric. Small Blue feathers wing, And Blue hair.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

stage, drawing

___________(1)__________________(2)_____________(3 )______
the play: the Bird, by: Aristophnesge,

(1) the machinery on the stage begin to move, A fire starts
down stage left, and red halogen bowls illuminate.

(2) the newspaper structure are destroyed, and merge the
dancers on stage.

(3)the performance dancers are unable to move, because
they are wrapped in yellow fabric, and their fear of fire.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

(1) costume drawing: (2007)

(2) costume drawing: Goddess and a man .the play: the Bird, (2006)

(3) to man in boxes, & sitting on box s

The God's messenger birds

the play: the Bird, by: Aristophnes

(1) costume &space ideas: The God's messenger birds, get court in
A green net.

(2) bird sculpture in the performance space.

(3) the performance space and audience. A scene change
from the Earth to, the Heavens.
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